KARA Goo Hara and Lee Seung Ki Heat Up Dance Floor on SBS “Strong Heart”

KARA’s Goo Hara showed off some of her sexy dance moves on SBS “Strong Heart” yesterday. Appearing as a special guest, Goo Hara talked about her first clubbing experience during the shooting of upcoming SBS drama “City Hunter” and later put on a “power pumping” dance performance with Lee Seung Ki. 

“I went clubbing for the first time to shoot for a scene on ‘City Hunter.’ But it was disappointing because it didn’t feel like a real club atmosphere,” Goo Hara said. “So I went with my friend again. I didn’t hide my face or anything, and just walked in to the club. My friend taught me some moves and we rocked the club till 5AM.” 

Then the show’s emcees went on to ask for some of her club dance moves. Goo Hara pointed towards Lee Seung Ki to come out and the two gave a cute couple dance, involving some aggressive “power pumping” moves. See more in this video!