Where Did Lee Min Jung’s Left Leg Go?

On May 25th, actress Lee Min Jung attended the “1-DAY Acuvue Define 7th Year Anniversary Party” in Seoul. During the event, the “Midas’” actress strutted the catwalk in a stylishly modern black mini dress and talked with her adoring fans. As the spokeswoman of the 1-DAY Acuvue Define contact lenses, she also participated in an endless photo session with fellow executives of the brand.

A funny photo of Lee Min Jung at the event has been circulating the internet, humoring netizens. In the photo, Lee Min Jung’s left leg is nowhere to be seen. However, it turns out that the actress’s feet were hurting, and she was shaking off the ache when the photographer caught her mid-action.

Lee Min Jung is well-known for her beautiful bright eyes and has been the face of Acuvue contact lens since February 2010. Back in March, she was voted the celeb with the most captivating eyes.