Code-V Releases MV For "I’ll Say It Honestly"

Code-V released their comeback music video “Ill Say It Honestly”. After promoting in Japan, they have returned to Korea for release their first full album.

To learn more about this group, check out their official Soompi forum topic.

Track List
01 솔직히 말할게 (I’ll Say It Honestly)
02 Go!
03 Summer Love
04 Miracle
05 중독 (Poisoning)
06 내가 더 슬퍼 (I’m More Sad)
07 지금 만나러 간다 (I’m Coming To You)
08 해하지 말아요 (Do Not Be Reconciled)
09 중독 (Remix) (Poisoning remix)
10 솔직히 말할께 (inst.)
11 Go! (inst.)

cr: codevjp