Brown Eyed Girls and their New Album

Brown Eyed Girls is hinting that they will have a complete makeover in terms of music style for their comeback album due in the summer. Neganetwork (BEG’s Agency) stated, “Brown Eyed Girls recorded their new album three times. They are trying hard at transforming into a new genre.” The reason the album is being delayed seems to be the same reason. The reason is that Brown Eyed Girls is trying to move away from an electronic sound. Neganetwork also stated, “Currently Kpop has a lot of similar electronic music and we thought that Brown Eyed Girls would have to change their musical style. The album release got delayed through this process.

Currently, Brown Eyed Girls is halfway through finishing their new album. Because they are coming back after two years, all of the members ended their individual activities and are focusing on the new album.

Source: Star News