SNSD Goobne Chicken Pictures HD and Lipton Tea CF

Do SNSD ever stop working? These hard girls are always promoting their music throughout Asia, but they also promote a number of products. Endorsements by idols are a big part of the Korean entertainment industry and they will endorse things you wouldn’t expect if you were not immediately familiar with the culture.

The first endorsement in this article is a good example of this. Here are some high quality pictures from a photo shoot for Goobne chicken, yes, chicken. Shawols I already checked, Onew was not present. (I know, I know, such a cheesy joke.) This endorsement isn’t exactly new but you may enjoy these high quality pictures.

Next we have SNSD endorsing Lipton Tea with a CF, their second Japanese endorsement. There are supposedly two concepts for the teas, cool and cute, and as SNSD can pull both of these off with relative ease, they are endorsing both.

There is also a chance to win something exciting relating to this endorsement. Starting June 7th, 30,000 people can win portable speakers, t-shirts, and from June 20th, there will also be SNSD printed packaging. We shall look out for more information on this in the coming weeks.

Which is your favorite endorsement? Going from chicken to tea is certainly a stretch but every time these nine girls promote a product, they seem to do it so easily. Their hard work is admirable and their charisma undeniable, so let’s be honest, who can resist being enticed towards these products? The girls reportedly drank the tea before endorsing so they evidently like it.

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