Big Bang’s May 25th DanKook University Performance Pictures and Fan Cams

On May 25th the Kpop juggernaut that is Big Bang descended upon DanKook University where member TOP attends school. (TeamBigBang) The performance was for the Juniors Festival and as you will notice from the pictures and fan cams there was no G Dragon present due to sickness. (@IloveYGfamily)

Just imagine Big Bang at your school. I think if I saw it happen I would find it hard not to scream! Even without the presence of the group’s charismatic leader, it still looks like the group lit up the stage. It is saddening that most of us, maybe all of us, who see this weren’t there, but to soothe that sad thought, here are 40+ pictures and some fan cams.

Now for some fan cams, are you envious of those there? I am!

Picture source: As seen on photos

Video source: toptoebi and imshinhdeplol on Youtube