Mnet M! Countdown! 05.26.2011

BEAST’s “Fiction” was named “Song Of The Week” today. Their win was 100% Truth! The boy band managed to shuffle their way into K-poppers hearts and soared to the top of the list.

[Comebacks] Jang Woo Hyuk, Baek Ji Young, and FT Island were the stand out comeback performers today. They greeted everyone in their own “uniquely” perfect time.

[Debuts] Boyfriend, N-Train, and Superstar K2’s Jang Jae In debuted early enough to play the musical dating game. Will their singles take them to the top of the charts?

The following artists brought “fiction” to life through their performances: [of course BEAST], Heo Young Saeng, Jay Park, Lim Jung Hee, Eru, 4minute, and Hae ORa.

BEAST’s winning moment:

Jang Woo Hyuk knows what time it is……”Time Is [L]Over”

Beast – Fiction

Well, “Hello Hello”, FT Island!  [bonus track “I Confess”]

4Minute – Heart to Heart 

Boyfriend – Let’s Get It Started and Boyfriend

N-train – One Last Cry

Heo Young Saeng – Let It Go 

Jang Jae In – Toy Soldiers 

BEAST Backstage

BEAST, Ukiss, CNBlue, and Jay Park [Different Chart]

Credits: @MnetMCountdown and BNT yt cr.CrazyCarrotExtra, pimpincakes, and BBSW11