SNSD Take The Top Three Spots Of The Gaon Album Chart

Five year curse? Big Bang have already proved it redundant and SNSD are on their way to smash that curse. They will reach that moment with a strength that is seen with world class acts. How do I know that SNSD are as popular than ever, maybe even at their most popular? Well, without currently promoting in Korea, with Japanese promotions their priority right now, they have taken the top three spots of the Gaon Album Chart!

SNSD have some amazing and dedicated fans as SONE’s are going out and buying a lot of albums, even in this peak time of downwloading. SNSD have such dedicated fans because in turn, SNSD work very hard to constantly improve and bring the fans something exciting each time. They really have cemented themselves as one of the top girl groups (some would say they are the top girl group.)

Source: Gaon Album Chart