Super Junior’s Hee Chul Pays His Exes to Keep Mum?!

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Memory of Shining Night,” Super Junior’s Hee Chul confessed that he hurt a lot of women. Legendary comedians Kim Young Ha, Bae Il Jib, Bae Yeon Jung, and Park Sae Min guest starred on the show and gave its hosts and audience a good laugh.

Comedian Park Sae Min, famous for his name gags, decided to touch up on HeeChul’s past. He wrote out Kim Hee Chul’s name and began adding various lines and dots as he commented, “He used to see someone, but he left her. Their breakup cut her deeply, but she’s keeping quiet because she still loves him.”

Caught off guard, Hee Chul stated, “I hurt almost every girl I dated.” Park Sae Min added, “There’s another girl by your side right now, but you’re worried she might follow the same path as the others.”

Host Lee Kyung Shil added, “Your life will be over the day she opens her mouth” to which Hee Chul wittily responded, “That’s why I pay her monthly to keep shut,” causing everyone on set to burst with laughter.

In the end, Hee Chul admitted, “I did hurt a lot of women.”