TOP’s Thank You Speeches From Award Wins At The BaekSang Art Awards

Big Bang’s TOP is not only a charismatic rapper with great presence, he is also carving quite the acting career before him. He has acted before with performances like in the drama “I Am Sam,” or with fellow Big Bang member in the movie “19.”

But when TOP acted in the movie “Into The Fire,” his acting career took a new direction. In the movie he was acting with big names, all of which had so many nice things to say about him. Many were not surprised to see him flourish in his role and critics have raved about his emotional performance. In the acting world, you know you have achieved a level of respect and recognition when you win awards for your acting and TOP is definitely one of these people.

Last November he won the “Best Male Rookie” award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, but on May 26th at the 47th BaekSeng Art Awards at Kyung Hee University he didn’t just win one, but two awards! His performance as a student soldier in “Into The Fire” is certainly getting him recognition.

He won the “Best New Actor” award and about this win he said,

“I’m very thankful. The movie, ‘Into the Fire’ gave me a lot of chances so I’m very thankful. I also have to thank President Yang Hyun Suk, the director for ‘Into the Fire’, Kim Seung Woo, Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won sunbae-nims, and to all the student soldier sunbaes who gave me endless advice. It made me work hard to not fall behind, and aspire myself to become a better actor.”

The, after that he won the “Most Popular” award and had this to say,

“I also want to thank my BIGBANG members, as well as all my friends in my fan club who give me enormous amounts of strength. This award is also dedicated to you.”

It’s not easy to transition from singer to actor or vice versa, not many people will take your seriously, but if there was anyone with doubts about TOP acting before, that’s certainly silenced now!

Source: iBigBang on WordPress

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Translation: mystifize@bbupdates