SHINee’s 3 Year Anniversary Video and Pictures

SHINee first debuted in Korea with the song “Replay” so it seems fitting that they debut in Japan with a Japanese version of that very song.

SHINee are now three years old as a group and to commemorate this, SM Entertainment has released some new “profiles” of the group, as well as uploading a video message from the group on the companies official YouTube.

As you can see, they are especially excited about this three year anniversary, especially Key and Minho, and Shawols are equally excited as the video has passed 80,000 views despite only being uploaded May 25th! Due to his injury we didn’t see Jonghyun for a while but it is good to see him with the group in high spirits and although they have reached three years, this still only feels like the beginning for this group. I for one cannot wait to see their next phenomenal dance!

Well, you go to see Onew’s profile up top, so now for the rest of the group profiles.

Which one was your favorite?

Source: SM Entertainment’s Official Youtube