Early this morning, former SGWannabe’s Chae Dong Ha was found dead in his home in Bulkwangdong, Seoul. According to his management agency, his manager contacted 911 when he couldn’t reach the him.The police discovered Chae Dong Ha around 10:55AM hanged in his home. They pronounced him dead on the scene and are investigating futher details about the cause of his suicide. It’s been said that Chae Dong Ha was battling depression.

Chae Dong Ha debuted in 2002 as a solo artist with “Na Ture” and joined SG Wannabe in 2004. He stayed with the group as their main vocalist until 2008, when he decided to pursue a solo career. Before his death, he was busy preparing for his 31st birthday concert on June 18th. 

The late Chae Dong Ha with fellow SGWannabe members Kim Yong Joon and Kim Jin Ho