A Ghost on the Set of "Greatest Love of All"?

Ack! It looks like there was a ghost or random girl on the set of MBC’s “Greatest Love of All.” Currently a picture of a mysterious woman in the background caught on camera is gaining a lot of attention. In this scene there is a person behind Cha Seung Won and Kong Hyo Jin for the episode broadcast on May 26th.

The girl in the picture is merely putting out her head. Some netizens are questioning if this person is a ghost because she appears like she’s floating a bit.

It was revelaed that the person was just a female fan of the show. (So dissapointing)

Regardless, currently “Greatest Love of All” has the highest view ratings, at 15.2% as of May 26th. (According to TNmS) “Greatest Love of All” is a romantic comedy that stars Cha Seong Won and Kong Hyo Jin and shows on Wednesday – Thursday.

Source: Sports Chosun