Can You Dance in 5 Inch Heels?

It’s no secret that both women and men are attracted to heels. For women, it boosts self-confidence. For men, it’s a visual appeal – heels make a woman’s legs look longer. On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” viewers were introduced to the massive kill heels female idols wear while singing and dancing on stage. The show caught up with three female groups to measure their heels. The girls of After School wore heels that were as high as 3.9 inches (10 cm), APINK’s 4.3 inches (11 cm), and 5dolls’ 5.1 inches (13 cm).

Almost all girl groups are seen dancing in these high heels, and many fans claim that they up the sexiness of the groups. During the episode, Jewelry’s Eun Jung was interviewed, and she stated, “I tape all my toes will nude-color tapes. Even though I’ve practiced dancing in heels since my trainee days, it still takes getting used to, and my feet still hurt.”

The episode also followed the girls of Girl’s Day as they visited a podiatrist. After various examinations, the doctor found decreases of bone density in their feet and ankles, which can ultimately lead to osteoporosis. The doctor stated, “While these girls are in their early twenties, they have the physical strength and stamina of someone in their mid-thirties. They practice the same choreographies over and over again, and such movement is closer to labor than a workout.“