Soompi Top Ten on MYX TV – Vote Now!

Soompi’s Top Ten music chart has had a long history! Developed and maintained by our very own edward1849, our Top Ten is now moving to a whole new level, thanks to MYX TV (USA). Soompi and MYX TV are teaming up to bring you the weekly Soompi Top Ten to your television (available in certain North American markets and also on the MYX USA website, MYX TV is a cable network that is dedicated to Asian pop culture and has various shows and live events to promote Asian culture.

Soompi and MYX TV would also like the fans to get involved! Therefore, we are presenting you with the Soompiers’ Pick, where you can vote on which song will be shown on “Soompi’s Top Ten” countdown! Starting every Thursday, you will be allowed to vote once per day for your favorite song (just click on the Soompi MYX TV logo on the front page). The top voted song will be added to the Top Ten Soompi MYX Countdown segment. So get your vote on and make your opinion count, then check out the “Soompi’s Top Ten” segment either on TV or at MYX USA’s website. We have provided banners on Soompi’s front page to the voting section. Once the first show is aired, a link to the show will also be provided on the front page.

Happy voting and enjoy watching the show!