5 Men’s Fashion Styles Gals Absolutely Detest!

Last week, I reported on 10 Women’s Fashion Styles Guys Absolutely Detest. This week, I’ll address the big misses of men’s fashion trends. Male stars can pull off any fashion looking mysterious and sexy, but some of the fashion styles they rock are a big no-no for your average Joe. Some trends guys may love on themselves, just don’t hit it with us girls.

Skinny Jeans/Pants

  Jo Kwon and guest star Taniguchi fooling around in really tight and colorful pants

Skinny jeans on most men are just plain unflattering. Very few girls say yay, most say nay, and some just say plain “gay.” The exact outline of the guy’s legs just screams eww – whether they have chicken legs or chunky legs. So please, help ease our eyes and stick with straight leg jeans!

ManlinersActor Lee Min Ho rockin’ his manliner

Male celebrities wear eyeliners for certain performances and appearances, but it doesn’t mean they wear them during their normal everyday lives. Normal guys who wear them out in the day look like drag queens, as opposed to the desired sexy appeal. Guys should steer clear from makeup, eyeliners are for girls. It’s as simple as that!


Actor Phillip Lee in white wifebeaters modeling for hair care brand Kerastas Homme

There are several reasons as to why girls detest wifebeaters. First off, they’re undershirts. They’re not exactly stylish and are inappropriate for almost anywhere and everywhere you go. Secondly, the name says it all. Whenever I hear the word wifebeater, it conjures up images of beer-bellied drunks beating up their wives. Not exactly a turn-on if you ask me. Thirdly, hairy armpits just scream “Disgusting!” Wifebeaters are okay if you’re doing work around the house or working out, but why not grab a white shirt before you leave you decide to walk out your front door?


Actor Gim Nam Gil poses in khaki manpris for “Marie Claire”

The time to decide between pants and shorts has come. Even girls have a hard time pulling off capris, unless their super tall, super skinny, and have legs that come all the way up to here (points up to neck – for those of you who have seen Bridget Jones, you probably know what I mean ^^). So, it’s time to cast aside those shrunken pajama pants, and decide between the two – shorts or pants!

Plunging Necklines

Singer actor Jung Ji Hoon enjoyed several plunging neckline tops in his drama “Full House

Anyone who’s seen Rain (aka Jung Ji Hoon) and Song Hye Gyo’s drama “Full House” will remember all those revealing deep V-necks s­he he wore during the drama. While some  stars sure can get away with those plunging necklines, they just look ridiculous on average men if they wear them out to lunch…or anywhere else. Women just aren’t interested in a man’s cleavage, like it is the other way around. So, remember this! Less is always more, and leave the Vs to the girls.  

It’s obvious girls and guys have different perspectives in what they consider attractive and sexy. Just as guys can’t understand some of women’s fashion, women also have trouble comprehending some of men’s wacky fashion trends. Sure, we’re always going to have the “I wear what I wanna wear” peeps, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, fashion is all about individuality. But if you were wondering why you’re not getting the girls/guys or why people stare, hopefully this two part fashion series shed some light! Now it’s time to hear all your opinions! Calling all female and male soompiers! What do you think?

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