Eli Returns To "Kiss" Twitter

Recently U-KISS member, Eli, returned to the Twittersphere with news, emotional comments, and tibits that were a little too much information for the fans. Forget about privacy, your celebrities dish all about their lives via social networking sites!  Twitter was “Kissed” in May by the reappearance of the boy band member. What did he share with his followers?

Check out some of the words of Eli below:

“hehe wuzzup sorry i havent been on twitter ㅠㅠwere going to malaysia in june!! cant wait to see all of our malaysian kissmes hehe…cant forget about @JDRelic~ haha were all in the studio now^^I Love You……………………. KISS MES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe….. FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yep so we have a performance in another city and were driving down TT im bored and my butts asleep….”

There is nothing like a tweet to confess your love to fans! What do you think of his messages?

Credit: @u_kisseli