Big Bang’s Nikon D5100 Promo Videos and Pictures

When a company looks for an idol or an idol group to endorse their product, they need someone recognizable and interesting. This needs to be someone, or some people who can really convince a consumer to get the product. In the world of marketing, sometimes a good forward public image is enough.

Most of us already know of Nikon’s deal with YG artists to promote to the youth market so naturally when they released a promo for the D5100, YG presence would be prominent and, well, they certainly brought in the “Big” guns.

When Nikon wanted to promote the D5100 they wanted to promote big, and when I say big I mean Big, Big Bang that is. Not only is Big Bang made of up some of the most handsome men around, the group is made up of five of the most charismatic people to walk this earth, a promotional match made in heaven!

So, if you want to be convinced to buy a Nikon, or if you just want to see more of Big Bang, check out the promo videos below.

Picture Source: iBigBang on WordPress

Video Source: Nikon on Youtube