SHINee Performance Videos and Pictures at Kangnam University

Isn’t it great to see SHINee returning in full force? They have just released their Japanese version MV for “Replay” their first Korean single and now their first Japanese single.

If there is something SHINee do well, it’s putting on a performance, (especially those amazing dance moves,) and a lucky audience at Kangnam University got to see the guys perform, and may I add that it is great to see Jonghyun back in the group.

Is me talking as much fun as looking at pictures and fan cam videos of the performance? Of course not, so here they are!

What do you think of their performances? SHINee really are amazing at dancing and not only are the dances interesting, bit as a group they are well choreographed. What’s that? Less talk and more pictures? Well, here you go!


Picture Sources: As credited via shiningshineeworld. All photo credit goes to those named on all the pictures

Video Sources: papriiFied, NhiAngela, viviontokki, leejingee, MrDinglePopples,