[Updated] Rain, German Fans, and the Dresden Festival Shown On German TV (with Eng Subs)

Der Rainism!

On Artour TV in Germany, Rain was the center of a TV section, showing once again how far the popularity and influence of Rain stretch.

We previously reported on the concert where pop met classical, where Rain performed with German cellist Jan Vogler. This was also a focus of the TV section, as it talked about the concert as well as the big Kpop fan base in Germany. Not only do you get to hear about German “clouds” but also about the fan donation project for the victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

First SM Entertainment sold out two shows so quick and now German TV did a spot on Rain, and it looks like Kpop is finally starting to lay some deep roots in Europe. European fans, the Korean companies are setting their sights on you now, so be excited!

Check out the TV spot below:

Source: Cloud USA

Picture Source: koreangossipgirl.com