Girl’s Day Diaper Fashion

Girl group Girl’s Day is under the limelight once again for their controversial stage costumes. On May 24th, a video of Girls’ Day performing their song “Sparkling Sparkling” has been uploaded to YouTube. What caught everyone’s audience was not their music nor the choreography, but their controversial outfits.

For the event, the girls wore very short white and yellow mini skirts and white cheerleader briefs under. However, many observers have been commenting that the ruffly briefs were reminiscent of diapers. Hence, their outfits have been nicknamed the “diaper fashion” and the “lingerie fashion” by much of the Korean media.  

Many of the netizens have been openly stating their displeasure, especially because the group contains minors. Girl’s Day’s youngest member, Hye Ri, is still only sixteen years old. One netizen stated, “How can they make minors wear such inappropriate clothes,” and another commented, “Whoever made that as a stage costume is disturbing. How can the agency allow them to wear such clothes?” 

Girl’s Day explained, “The briefs may have been mistaken for lingerie or diapers because of the color and the ruffle decorations.” They added, “We’ll be careful and fix our costumes as needed in the future.”