“City Hunter” Releases Upcoming Episode’s Teaser of Lee Min Ho

Production company SSD released teaser photos of ace marksman Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) honing his already perfect shooting skills in episode 3. He’s already shown the audience what he’s capable of in the first episode, and the deadshot will once again tug the hearts of his female viewers.

Actor Lee Min Ho shot the scene at the Byeuk Cho Ji Botanical Gardens early May and displayed his steady gunnery skills. In “City Hunter,” he plays Lee Yoon Sung, a MIT Ph. D. graduate who works in the Blue House National Communications Team to spy on the President and his advisors. His ultimate goal is to avenge his biological father’s (Park Sang Min) unjust death.

When he first showed off his gunnery skills in Thailand, Lee Min Ho received much praise for his professional ability to handle the guns. However, the actor surprised the cast and crew once again with his upgraded poise and ease as he shot his practice targets.

Representatives of SSD stated, “Lee Min Ho is doing great in expressing his Yoon Sung character, and we’re very satisfied with all his hard work and efforts. And it’s not only about his action sequences; he’s portraying Yoon Sung’s pain and inner turmoil very well. “

Episode 3 of “City Hunter” will air June 1st.

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