SNSD’s Taeyeon Tops Baek Ji Young for “OST Queen”

SNSD’s Taeyeon topped Baek Ji Young for the #1 position of “OST Queen.” SNSD’s Taeyeon was voted number one for “OST Queen.” Recently on the music website Monkey3, there was a survey for “Who is the Drama OST Queen.” Out of the 740 that voted SNSD was #1 with 52% (385) of the votes.

For “Beethoven Virus,” she sang “Do You Hear me,” for “Hong Kil Dong” she sang, “If…” and for “Athena – Goddess of War” she sang “I Love You.” All of these Drama OST songs were hits on different music websites. They were so popular that a saying was created, “Whenever Taeyeon Sings it Will be a Hit.” It appears that most consider Taeyeon’s pure and mournful vocals fit in well with most Korean dramas.

At second place for the survey was Baek Ji Young (26%) followed by IU, Gummy, Ji Ah, and Seo Young Eun.

Source: Newsen