Goo Hara and Kim Heechul take a backstage selca at ‘Dream Concert’

On the 30th, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul uploaded a selca taken backstage of the Dream Concert held in Seoul. Heechul posed with his ‘usual’ face whilst Goo Hara revealed her cute V-sign.

He posted it onto twitter, stating: ‘This is Goo Hara from the Dream Concert. She is very cute, bright and lively, and certainly has enjoys having some fun. Even though Joongki and I teased her alot, she still acted cool and played along.’ 

Netizens who viewed this photo replied with: ‘I could’nt go to the Dream Concert but I am looking forward to the broadcast on TV.’ ‘Wow, Kim Heechul looks beauti- no wait, very handsome.’ 

Meanwhile, Goo Hara, Kim Heechul and Song Joongki are all appearing on the TV broadcast of ‘Dream Concert’, as well as many other big names. To view the list, click here.

source: nate