Park Jin Young Bounces Back After His Illness

On May 29th, JYP met his fans at the Baek Am Art Hall in Seoul after 10 long years! The current main man of JYP Entertainement and J-tune (once Rain enlists in the military) took off his CEO hats and just leveled one-on-one with his life-long fans. He was so enraptured in being in their presence the singer even sacrificed his own health to be there. Well….at least that is kinda what he tweeted! Check out JYP’s weekend tweets below:

“I really couldn’t concentrate at the Paeksang performance cause I was sick. I’m so ready to make up for it at tomorrow’s fan meeting! …..Yesterday’s fan meeting was so touching. Thank u for your love and support. I get the energy to go out the world from you. Love you…”

What do you think of his messages?

Credit: @followJYP