Henry Lau Is Watching You

Super Junior M member, Henry Lau, was quite the comedian this weekend via his Twitter account. What did the singer joke about? Did he make fun of his band, his friends, or his fellow Super members? 

The correct answer is none of the above! It’s too bad this choice isn’t always the right answer on tests. Enough with the school-oriented distractions …back to Henry! He made fun of his EYES! What could he have stated about his “cute” eyes? 

Check out a Suju fan’s and his tweets below:

Fan: “can u see everything clearly? ur eyes are soo small –” CUTE!”

Henry: “THEY’RE NOT THAT SMALL! and YES I can see EVERYTHING! I’m watching ALL of u .. A.L.L of you -_-I was jus kiddin! I know my eyes are small. but I wasn’t kidding about watching all of u… STARE* even when u think im not”

What do you think of his eyes?


Credit: henrylau89