Official Police and YG Statement regarding Daesung’s Accident

News like this always seems far too surreal to be true. Whenever you think of Big Bang’s Daesung no one would connect him to a story like this.

So, details seem to change a lot but the general idea is that Daesung, driving a car, hit a motorcyclist who was already passed out from another accident. Crazy right?

The police have recently released this statement.

“On the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge, Daesung crashed into an already-passed-out motorcyclist with his car. It was identified that he crashed into a motorcyclist who was passed out from a previous accident. We will be able to give a clear confirmation after the investigation is over.”

Regarding the state of the motorcyclist and Daesung, they said,

“He (the motorcyclist) has been admitted to the hospital and his death has not yet been confirmed. Currently, we are investigating whether alcohol was involved.”

YG have also now released a statement after it has been revealed that the man is indeed dead, and depending on whether Daesung crashing into the taxi caused this, his sentence will change. YG released a statement saying,

“Daesung was driving his car at 1:40 am in the morning at the southern extremity of the Seoul Yanghwa Bridge and while going downhill, at the end he crashed directly into a taxi from behind. Fortunately the taxi driver did not suffer any major injuries.

Daesung was behind the taxi and as it moved to avoid hitting the motorcyclist, Daesung hit the taxi. Daesung had approached the taxi driver to make sure he was ok and then the driver told Daesung, who hadn’t been aware, about the motorcyclist.

Daesung was driving on the first lane while the taxi was driving in front of him. The taxi drvier then changed to the second lane suddenly and back to the first lane and suddenly stopped, causing the collision.

When Daesung got out of his car to check on the taxi driver, the taxi driver said,

“Right now I’m not the problem, there is a motorcyclist already collapsed on the floor bleeding; so I switched to the second lane to avoid hitting him but then I moved back to call for emergency.”

SBS News have now covered this accident with a report, but it has not yet been subtitled. If you can understand it, here is the video. The police are currently further investigating the accident and we will continue to update you on the whole situation.

We send our condolences out to the family of the motorcyclist and also hope Daesung is ok. Horrible situations like this are almost too hard to write about.

Lee Hyori, a friend of Daesung, wrote the following on her Twitter.

“Knowing that Daesung’s character is one that will always turn things around to make it his own fault, it makes me more sad and worried…” (credit:

Picture source: YG Source; iBigBang via Star News, translated by Alee @ ibigbang