Daesung Car Accident Being Investigated by National Forensic Service

Following his car accident earlier this morning, Daesung was questioned by police for 5 hours, and was released around 7AM, local media reported. According to police, Daesung was not driving under the influence but he exceeded the speed limit, driving at 80km per hour on a driveway with a speed limit of 60km per hour. The motorcyclist he crashed into has been pronounced dead shortly after the accident and police is investigating whether his death was caused by Daesung’s crash or not.

“The motorcyclist has been confirmed to be dead but we’ll have to do more investigation to find out if he was killed by Daesung’s car or by a prior accident,” the police said. “Daesung will have to prove the motorcyclist’s death was not caused by his crash in order to avoid any liability issues.” 

According to police reports, around 1:30AM on May 31st, Daesung hit a motorcyclist lying on the ground from a previous accident at Yanghwa Bridge. After the accident, Daesung changed lanes and crashed into a taxi from behind. The taxi driver however did not suffer any injuries.

For a more accurate investigation, the police are currently reviewing the CCTV screens while the damaged motorcycle and some footage of the accident have been sent to the National Forensic Service for closer examination. The police is currently investigating whether a hit-and-run accident was involved prior to Daesung and the taxi hit the motorcyclist, and they are waiting for autopsy results of the victim as well.

In the meantime, YG Entertainment said in an official statement that “Daesung is currently in a heavy state of shock and grief over the accident he could’t avoid. He broke down in tears in concern over the victim… He will follow any police investigation but he is in great pain over this issue.”

Following today’s accident, it will be inevitable for Big Bang and Daesung to make changes to their promotional activities. Big Bang recently finished their Japanese Tour Concerts and is currently in a resting period. But a lot of their individual activities and new album production plans will have to be altered due to today’s accident. Daesung currently is a regular on SBS “Night After Night.”