Night after Night appearence by Daesung and Seungri

During this horrible situation with Daesung’s accident and the investigation into it, I think we need some happy news. But first, condolences again to the family of the motorcyclist.

Big Bang aren’t just talented, they’re not just good looking, and if you’ve ever watched a making of or backstage video of the group, you will know that they are also super funny. Everyone has their favorites when it comes to who is funniest but when I think of funny, I think of Seungri and Daesung.

On the recent episode of “Night after Night,” the pair appeared and were their usual animated selves as they made everyone laugh. Also, Seungri addressed leader G-Dragon, which you know will be worth seeing as when Seungri starts to tell a story, people always look worried!

Click here for the link to the full episode. (No English subs yet.)