Kiss and Cry: IU Practices 5 Hours a Day to Restore her Honor

IU is practicing figure skating five hours every day in order to restore her honor. On the first round of competitions for “Kiss and Cry” that was broadcast on May 29th she came in as last. She had received criticism that she didn’t show much effort. Because of this IU has been vigorously training.

An employee from SBS stated on May 30th, “After the first round competition IU has been training five hours every day at an ice rink in Kyunggi-do.” “It appears that she was not happy with her poor results.

Those associated with IU also stated, “IU has the type of personality where she needs to cleanly finish one thing in order to be able to function for the next,” “during training she’s not eating or drinking and just focused on training, it’s a bit worrisome.

The PD Kim Jae Hyuk also stated that IU is developing her skills and asked the viewers to also cheer her on. During the training it seems that she also had muscular pain because she hadn’t used certain muscles before figure skating on the show.

Source: Star News