[Review] Boyfriend’s Debut Album

New idol group Boyfriend have certainly made a splash on the Kpop scene and have gotten the hearts of fan girls beating. Something people have also been focusing on is the look-a-like identical twins but is their music something to get excited about?

Boyfriend released the five track mini album with three songs and two instrumentals. I really didn’t expect I would like this group much, but after watching the “Boyfriend” MV I thought it would be a group that would be mainly focused towards girls, and the MV suggested as much.

Track one is “Let’s Get It Started” and it was a pleasant surprise to begin the album. I expected a cutesy or sweet ballad but instead “Let’s Get It Started,” is a song with a very deep bass and club synth sounds. It reminded me of the song “Digital Bounce” from Se7en’s album “Digital Bounce.” As soon as I heard this song I knew that there would be more to the group than just a cutesy side.

Track two is “Boyfriend” and it is quite the catchy song. You do however have to be interested in the “cute side” of Kpop to like it, especially the MV. This is their first single and the music video made me think of them as a cutesy Teen Top, as their dance moves seem very similarly and crisply choreographed like them. I do like the song for the chorus is catchy, but this seems like a song for the young girls out there; so I am sure that there’s a chance they will enjoy it more.

Check out the MV below.

Track three is “You & I” and it is the dark horse of the album. What I mean by this was after listening to “Boyfriend” I expected another cutesy upbeat song but I was pleasantly surprised. Instead I get a soft music track reminiscent of Epik High, (don’t ask, it just reminds me of them,) and some very good vocals with a sombre edge. The song feels sad, almost bittersweet, and from the title it suggests a sad love. When the rap kicked in I was even more pleased, although it made me think of Teen Top again– that is nothing but a compliment. They have already shown they can use their vocals in a number of styles and the chorus even made me think of BEAST.

Track Four is the “Boyfriend” Instrumental so there is not much to say, Personally I think the catchy vocals make the song so the instrumental isn’t worth listening to when you have the original version that is catchy.

Track Five is the “You & I” Instrumental and I would actually suggest listening to this. Again I think the vocals are what made the original so great, but this song isn’t actually that bad to listen to if you’re just chilling out.

So overall what would I say about the mini album as a whole? I have to admit I am impressed. They showed a modern club sound with “Let’s Get It Started,” they showed a cutesy catchy side with “Boyfriend,” and they showed that they can bring out the emotional vocals with “You & I.” As they are a new group they are still yet to find their niche and I think the company realizes that. People won’t identify with you immediately so they showed us three different tracks with three different styles, not only to show their diversity, but also this shows their talent and ability to change.

They are not at the top of my list of favorites but I honestly believe that as this group grows we will see some great things from them. What were your opinions of the mini album?

Source: Starship Tv on Youtube