Miss A’s Suzy Melts the Hearts of Fans

External from soompi image

Miss A‘s Suzy recently revealed her eye-smile and has melted the hearts of fans. Her unique smiles have been recognized in the past, but this photo definitely emphasises her cuteness.

She uploaded it onto twitter, simply stating, ‘Smile.’

In the photo she can be seen with a bright eye-smile as she takes a mirror-relected shot. Her pure and clear skin has also stood out (as always). Many have also pointed out that she is indeed getting skinnier, likely because of their comeback, and because of the unnecessary critisms received for being too ‘chubby.’

Netizens replied with: ‘Wah, so pretty!’ ‘Suzy is getting more and more prettier.’ ‘Her skin is still one of a baby’s.’Your samchon (uncle) is so tired of being melted from the beauty!’

source: nate