Nichkhun Topless for New Endorsement Deal

2PM’s Nichkhun is the new face of Coca-Cola Zero. Up to now, he has built up his image as a pretty boy with his adorable smile and soft complexion, when not promoting his music with fellow 2PM members. However, Nichkhun has returned to his “beast-idol” roots with the Coca-Cola Zero endorsement deal.

In the commercials, he’s kickboxing, sweating, and drinking the soft drink in a very manly sexy way. He’s also topless in the shoot, making it perfect for Khunnie fans to feast their eyes on his rock hard body.

Representatives of Coca Cola stated, “With Nichkhun, we wanted the public to associate our drink with a wild, passionate, as well as an always-challenging image. Outwardly Nichkhun looks very soft and tender; but under that, he also has a different manly charismatic side to him. He’s not afraid to challenge himself, and we felt his image and the image of our product will have a synergy effect.”

Nichkhun’s Coca-Cola Zero commercials will hit the airwaves June.