Police: Daesung Did Not Brake, No Skid Marks on Road

On May 31st, Big Bang’s Daesung (full name Kang Daesung, age 22) was involved in a car accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was already involved in an accident before Daesung’s inevitably ran over him.During the briefing yesterday, the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police commented the lack of skid marks on the road.

At the questioning, Daesung testified that he went 80 km/hr at the time of the accident, 20 km/hr over the speed limit. However, the taxi driver who witnessed the accident stated that the young singer was driving fairly slow. Currently, the police are investigating various CCTVs to see if Daesung was indeed speeding.

During the on-site investigation, the police also noticed the lack of skid marks tires create when a driver brakes suddenly. The police stated, “While we were investigating the site of the accident, our officers did not find skid marks on the road. It is natural for tire marks to appear as the car halts to a stop when the driver abruptly hits the brakes. This is evidence that the perpetrator ran over the victim without any attempts to brake. The perpetrator ran over the victim and then crashed into a halted taxi. Luckily, the taxi driver was not seriously injured.”

Daesung was very cooperative throughout the questioning and honestly stated that he did not see the motorcyclist on the ground nor the taxi. The cause of the motorcyclist’s death is not yet apparent, and Daesung’s punishment will differ depending on the victim’s cause of death. Earlier, the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police announced that the autopsy began today at 9AM KST. It will take about fifteen days for the autopsy results to come out.