Super Junior’s HeeChul Can Get Away With Anything Because “I’m Kim HeeChul.”

On yesterday’s episode of “Strong Heart,” Super Junior’s Kim HeeChul confessed that he can get away with anything in the entertainment industry “because I’m Kim HeeChul.”

He added, “Even before my debut, my entertainment agency let me get away with anything stating ‘Yeah, you’re Kim HeeChul.’” He showed off his confidence and amusing character by blatantly stating, “I have a certain charm that draws viewers in no matter what I say.”

He also made a funny comment saying, “My heart belongs to JYP Entertainment,” when in fact he belongs to SM Entertainment. He coolly said, “My agency lets me get away with it,” with a smile.

Bandmates Leeteuk and Shindong also revealed that HeeChul gives his guest stars the silent treatment on his shows and then surprises them by shrieking at them during breaks. HeeChul humoursly responded, “People like the bad boy image, so I tried creating a bad DG image,” to which co-star Kim Young Chul added, “That isn’t bad boy, that’s just crazy boy,” making everyone on set burst into laughter. When asked if his cast and crew were okay with it, he casually responded, “I’m Kim HeeChul.”