Heechul: “We’re a Damn Cool Band”

Super Junior’s Heechul tweeted the following message today, showing his confidence in the upcoming Super Junior album.

“I heard ‘Mi In Ah (Bonamana)’ has been the #1 popular song in Taiwan for over a year now. That means our new fifth album song will eventually break ‘Mi In Ah’s’ record. We are going insane preparing for the fifth album, but you guys will go crazy once the new album gets released. Because we’re a damn cool band,” Heechul said via Twitter around 4AM today.

Super Junior’s “Mi In Ah” has maintained the #1 spot on Taiwan’s KKBOX K-Pop category chart for 52 consecutive weeks. That set a new world record for the longest running #1 song and the first-ever single to stay over a year at #1.

Heechul, however, left a couple more tweets prior to this message, indicating he might have been drunk at the moment. Three hours before the last tweet, Heechul also mentioned, “I’m drunk. The problem is I feel like I’m drunk when I’m not, and sober when I’m actually drunk lol. It’s not a good thing to do, but for once I would like to try calling a girl when I’m drunk.” He added he was at a company outing/drinking session with the staff members of MBC “Golden Fishery” and tweeted the top photo with it.