Artist Of The Month – f(x)

Member : Victoria (real name: Song Qian, Victoria Song)
Date of birth : Feb. 2, 1987
Place of birth : China
Height : 168cm
Awards : 2010 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards “Popularity In Variety Programs”

Member : Krystal (real name: Jeong Su-jeong)
Date of birth : Oct. 24, 1994
Younger sister of Jessica, a member of Girls Generation
Education : Korea Kent Foreigner School
Awards : 2010 MBC Entertainment Awards “Female Newbie in Comedy Award”

Member : Amber (real name: Amber Josephine Liu)
Date of birth : Sep. 18, 1992
Nationality: Chinese-American
Height: 167 cm
Family : 1 older sister

Member : Sulli (real name: Choi Jin-ri)
Date of birth : Mar. 29, 1994
Family : 2 older brothers
Awards : 2005 Pretty Child Contest (top ribbon award)
Debut : 2005 in SBS drama “Seo-dong-yo”

Member : Luna (real name : Park Sun-young)
Date of birth : Aug. 12, 1993
Family : 1 older brother, 1 older sister
Education : Ree-ra Art High School (Practical music studies)
Awards : 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards “New Star Award”

Debut : 2009
Other activities : Blood Donor Ambassadors
Site : Website | Facebook

The Soompi artist of month for June is the female idol group f(x). The multinational act f(x) is composed of five girls with diverse nationalities – Amber is Chinese-American, Victoria is Chinese, and the remaining three girls are Korean. The combination of diverse talents, experiences, and appeal set this new group apart from others. Their debut song hooked a large number of fans from the get-go with its cheerful and addictive melody.

They debuted on September 1, 2009 with the digital single “LA chA TA”. Later that year in November, they released their single “Chu~♡” which really put them on the map. Their style was not purely just cutesy like their fellow SM Entertainment girl group Girls Generation. Incorporating femininity and charm, the girls displayed more of a funky, fun style with a hint of street. Their song “NU ABO” definitely clinched this appeal and continued their trend of getting better with each single.

The members of this group have also been active guests on popular variety programs. In fact, Sulli was a regular on a variety show featuring a main female idol stars and MCing on SBS Inkigayo, while Victoria gained a lot of love for show her true self in her pretend marriage with 2PM’s Nickhun on “We Got Married”.

The rapper, Amber, had to pull out of “NU ABO”‘s promotions early due to an injury. She took off for the States for a prolonged period of time which even triggered disbandment rumors. However, she came back in time to record, prepare, and release their new album “Pinocchio”.

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Their new album features unique sounds made with the help of several famous Korean songwriters like Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo of Sweetune, Kenzie, Hitchhiker, Dsign Music, and indie band Peppertones.

f(x) is known for their esoteric and experimental music and lyrics. Their full album included a sweet retro pop number called “Love”, a retro and witty song titled “Gangster Boy”, an eclectic dance song titled “Sweet Witches”, and a soft ballad called “Beautiful Goodbye”. Pinocchio has a total of ten songs, and the title song which is the same as the album title, has swept all the music charts in Korea, becoming the group’s first ever No. 1 song.

Two songs, “Stand Up!” and “Lollipop”, seem to stand out from the rest. “Stand Up!” is a collaboration piece between f(x) and well-known indie band Peppertones and gives the message of hope. The mix with Peppertones’s bright sounds and f(x)’s energy is perfect for the song. Additionally, “Lollipop” is a song about young love and compares the sweet emotions people go through to a lollipop. “Lollipop” is also special because it features boy band SHINee.


* LA chA TA (digital single, 2009-09-01) : LA chA TA

* Chocolate Love (digital single, 2009-10-08) : Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop Ver.)

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* Chu~♡ (1st single, November 4, 2009) : Chu~♡, Step By Me, You Are My Destiny (feat. Luna & Krystal)

* Hard But Easy (Invincible Youth Part 3, November 16, 2009) : Hard But Easy (feat. Luna & Krystal), On Days Of Longing, Start, Missing You, Cherish In My Heart, Sound Of My Heart

* Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet (digital single, March 17, 2010) : Thrill Love

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* The More I Look At You, The More Cutesy Charm (OST part 1, March 23, 2010) : I Love You I Love You

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* NU ABO (1st mini album, November 24, 2009) : NU ABO, Mr. Boogie, Ice Cream, Me+U, Surprise Party, Sorry (Dear Daddy)

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* Pinocchio (1st album, April 20, 2011) : Pinocchio (Danger), Sweet Witches, Dangerous, Beautiful Goodbye, Gangsta Boy, Love, Stand Up!, My Style, So Into U, Lollipop (feat. SHINee)


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