Mnet M! Countdown! 06.02.2011

BEAST’s “Fiction” was named the Song Of The Week on this week’s episode of M Countdown. They are slowly writing a new novel in Kpop Classics! The BEASTs new single has soared its way to the top to be Kpop’s newest bestseller!

Alex and Secret brought their mind boogling brightness to the Mnet stage today. The male solo singer and female girl group were very much alike despite their differences. What did they have in common? Today was their first official comeback!

What was that? You want to know if your favorite Kpopper hit the stage too? Check out the starring line-up right here: Jang Woo Hyuk, Clover, Baek Ji Young, FT island, December, Jewelry, 5dolls, A pink, Boyfriend, N-train, Jang Jae In, Kim Ji Soo, Code V, Kang Ha Ni 

BEAST’s Winning Moment

 Secret, where is the “Starlight Moonlight” tonight? (bonus track Oh Honey)

 Jang Woo Hyuk – Time Is [L]Over        

Clover – Ice Trim

Boyfriend – Boyfriend 

Alex – Can’t Be Crazy

Baek Ji Young – As Usual

BEAST is back to shed some light on their “Fiction”

FT Island – Hello Hello

Jewelry – Pass

5Dolls – Like This Or That 

Code V – Honestly

Jang Jae In – A Toy Soldier

N-Train – One Last Cry

A Pink – I Don’t Know 

December – Beautiful Woman 


Chart 20 -11

BEAST Backstage

Chart 10 – 4

Credit:@MnetMCountdown and yt cr: CrazyWithout/CrazyCarrotExtra