“49 Days” Jung Il Woo Reveals Photos of Fan Gift Puppy

Since the end of popular drama “49 Days’,” actor Jung Il Woo has been enjoying his down time. For two and a half months, he grabbed the hearts (and soul) of female viewers with his role as the fashionable, comedic Scheduler, aka the modern-day Grim Reaper. Recently, he delighted his fans by sharing photos of his Shar Pei named Ah Woo.

Ah Woo was a fan gift given to Jung Il Woo last year at his birthday party/fan meeting. He thanked his fans and told them that he would take care of her like his sister, hence the name Ah Woo, which means younger brother/sister in Korean. It’s been a little less than a year since he’s taken care of Ah Woo, but fans were able to notice how much the little puppy grew.