Who Wore It Better?: Ji Hyun vs Yoon Joo
This is an exciting duel because both girls have not received much attention for their body figures. 
Jeon Ji Hyun fashioned in a weekly high-cut pictorial in a blue checkered shirt with skinny pants to accentuate her sleek, slender figure. In another advertisement, Jang Yoon Joo wore the same shirt and gave her a more glamourous look.

Jeon Ji Hyun will make a come-back this summer as a Denim Goddess and it’s possible she may be no match for Jang Yoon Joo’s charm – who is not only a model but an entertainer as well!

Netizens have shown reaction by commenting, “A showdown of the best body figure in Korea”, “What an embarrassing situation where you can’t say who is better”.

Now it’s your turn! Who do you think pulled the look off more?
Source: Nate News