Bae Chul Soo, popular DJ/Singer, gave praise to Sung Si Kyung and also some advice. On June 2nd for “FM Music City Sung Si Kyung,” Bae Chul Soo appeared as a guest and said, “I always thought that Sun Si Kyung is a singer who is great at singing. I like singers like Sung Si Kyung who restrict and control their vocal chords while they sing.

This actually has been brought up about “Survival: I Am a Singer” due to the fact that most of the singers having to belt out/ shout and put in too much strength to their singing.

Bae Chul Soo added, “However, I hope that you do not appear on I Am a Singer.

Sung Si Kyung replied, “If I ever appear on that show that means I will automatically be in last place” and made everyone laugh.

According to Sung Si Kyung’s agency, Jelly Fish Entertainment, Sung Si Kyung has been receiving a lot of love calls from “Survival: I Am a Singer” asking for his appearance on the show, despite the fact that Sung Si Kyung has stated several times that he would probably not agree to it.