Eye to Eye (Female Brown Eyed Soul) New Teaser Released

Eye to Eye,” which is a group that is being called the female version of “Brown Eyed Soul,” released their new teaser clip. Their agency Santa Music released the teaser clip that contains some parts of the song “As a Man Should” (Or Like a man should) on June 3rd. In this teaser a clip is shown of Eye to Eye members talking to their mentors who are in fact Brown Eyed Soul.

The members watch the music videos of Brown Eyed Soul commenting, “Wow they look so old, we might not be better at singing but our dance is better.

While they are conversing in such a manner, the moment they get a call from Jung Yeop who is their producer, they say “We Love You.

For the group’s debut album all members of Brown Eyed Soul have participated: Na Ul, Young Joon, Sung Hoon, and Jung Yeop. The debut album will be released on June 7th.

Click here to see the teaser

Source: Star News