2AM Chang Min as Anaksunamun!

2AM’s Chang Min transformed into the Egyptian beauty Anaksunamun. On June 3rd at 12pm, Chang Min wrote on his twitter, “Why are Taiwanese towels so small that it doesn’t get fully wrapped around my head? Is my head big? Anaksunamun!” (Anaksunamun is one of the three famous Egyptian beauties and also appeared as a character in the film “The Mummy”)

In the picture that was revealed Chang Min is shown as not being able to wrap his head completely with a towel and he also placed the towels in place with his headphones. It somewhat looks like an ancient Egyptian female. This is the reason why he mentioned Anaksunamun. Netizens have humored him with comments, “Don’t blame the towels!” “Chang Min Oppa you are so cute!”

On June 2nd 2AM held promotions in Taiwan.

Srouce: Star News