City Hunter’s Lee Jun Hyuk Passenger Seat Fire, “Nobody Injured.”

Lee Jun Hyuk who currently appears on SBS “City Hunter” as the prosecutor Kim Young Joo was riding in the car where a fire occurred. Sources say that he was calm during the situation.

On June 3rd, according to Lee Jun Hyuk’s agency, “Lee Jun Hyuk was in a car with his manager and stylist in order to film ‘City Hunter.’” “30 minutes passed by while they were driving and in the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat there was a fire.

Right afterwards, just in case, they turned off the engine and Lee Jun Hyuk dialed 119.” “Nobody was hurt during the accident and Lee Jun Hyuk calmly handled the situation. Lee Jun Hyuk waited for the accident to be taken care of and afterwards rode a cap towards the filming destination. is glad that Lee Jun Hyuk is safe!

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Source: Star News