Clazziquai’s Alex Reveals His New Hairstyle + Promotes Opera Star Album!

Singer Alex recently revealed his new hairstyle via twitter, receiving many compliments on the way. 

He revealed it, also promoting an opera album, stating,: ‘Wow, an original compilation album of Opera Star’s singers has come out!’ 

Alex can be seen with the tvN “Opera Star” album, along with showing off his new hairstyle. He said that he enjoys the music in it. 

Netizens replied with: ‘It doesn’t look like oppa has any hair at the back,’ ‘Sangchu has to use that hairstyle, it’ll be humorous!’ 

Alex has rose to fame after many events such as being cast for MBC “We Got Married” and releasing numerous hits like “Robotica” and “Romeo N Juliet.” His name had been recognized more when he was featured as a sub-character in MBC “Pasta.”

source: nate