Baek Ji Young’s Ideal Lover is…TOP?

Baek Ji Young chose TOP of Big Bang as her ideal lover– not Jung Suk Won.

On the KBS “Happy Together 3” that aired on June 2nd, she answered “T.O.P” when asked who her ideal lover was.

The reason her answer has stirred a lot of attention is because she had confessed a dating relationship with actor Jung Suk Won just last week. She is nine years older than Jung Suk Won and the two have been dating for over 8 months now. Due to the large age gap, fans have been wondering what Baek Ji Young’s ideal type would be. 

She reasoned that she liked “Thick eyebrows, and a strong yet handsome face,” like that of TOP’s. But don’t worry — the recording of this show took place before she made her relationship with Jung Suk Won public last week, so their relationship is fine!

Source: Daum News