Nam Sang Mi ‘Legend’ Past Class Photos

Many attention has rounded for Nam Sang Mi, who is currently dating actor Lee Sang Yoon, as her past photos were revealed on an online community board.

The body of interest is especially focused on Nam Sang Mi’s past photo of working at a fast-food restaurant.It is true Nam Sang Mi became known from being the ulzzang at work. And also how the place she worked was in front of Han Yang University; there is a famous story of Han Yang students lining up to see her. 

She debuted through the 2003 MBC Mon/Tues drama “Love Letter” and slowly began to raise ranks in her career.

Facing the past photos, netizens’ reactions were, “There’s not really a difference from pre-debut and now”, “A rare natural beauty”, “A sunnier prettiness than with make-up”, “Have a lovely love with Lee Sang Yoon”, “Beautiful oriental face, I’m jealous”, “Lee Sang Yoon definitely fell for you [for a reason]”.

Similarily, Nam Sang Mi’s boyfriend Lee Sang Yoon is enjoying time with his trip to the Phillipines with his team for SBS drama “Life is Beautiful“. 

Source: Nate News