Hyun Seung of Beast Finally Joins Twitter

The current trend of social media has brought the lives of those we admire even closer. Between Twitter, Facebook, and Me2Day the line between celebrities and their fans has been blurred. Most of the Beastly boys have already joined the Twitter-verse and with that, of course, they have attracted many followers. It was only a matter of time until the doe-eyed, vocalist, Jang Hyun Seung, would join his peers. 

On June 4th Hyun Seung created his official Twitter account. To commemorate the occasion he made his first post which read, “Hi VVV!!!” Along with his message of hello he uploaded a photo, which was a cropped selca of himself holding up two fingers in the “victory” sign.

Hyun Seung presents the

Be sure to check out his official Twitter page and follow him for more.

Source: Beast’s Facebook Page
Photo: Hyun Seung’s Twitter Page