JD Relic’s Trip to Korea; Meets Up With U-Kiss

On May 18th popular K-Pop English cover artist of Youtube fame and songwriter, JD Relic, left for a trip to South Korea. Throughout his ten day stay he was able to see and experience a lot. JD often updated his followers with statues messages, photos, and vlogs from his trip. A few noteworthy stops were: Seeing Baek Ji Young perform “Bad Girl” live at Inkigayo, shopping in Busan, riding the Korean bullet train, eating with president Ryan Jhun of Marcan Entertainment (who JD is now signed with), and visiting the SM Entertainment building. He seems to be mum on the goings on at the SM Entertainment building. Besides sharing a few pictures he took while he toured the famous establishment.

SM Entertainment Building SM Entertainment's Cloud Room

He was able to make his way to the NH Media headquarters where he met up with none other than U-Kiss! Here is the post he made as he spent the day with the members, “I’m hanging at the studio with Kevin and Eli of U-Kiss!!!! Holla!!! Leave a comment and say hi!” While there he had the opportunity to take some commemorative photos with the members, which he posted to share with netizens. Here are the photos of JD with U-Kiss.

How lucky is he? Don’t you wish you too could spend the day with U-Kiss?

Since his return on May 27th he hints at other projects to come. Rumor has it that he will do a English language cover version of Shinee’s “Lucifer”. Stay tuned to his Youtube account to see what he has in store.

Source: JD Relic’s Facebook Page
Photos: JD Relic’s Facebook Page