KARA’s Goo Hara Caught Buying A Hot Dog!

KARA member Goo Hara attracted much attention while buying a hot dog in comfortable, casual clothes.

On one online community board, the photo was uploaded with the caption ‘Click! Click! Goo Ha Ra buying a hot dog!”.

Ha Ra places her order for a hot dog dressed in a casual outfit. She appeared to be like a young, elementary student with her baby-face. Many people laughed to see Park Gyu Ri sucking ketchup next to her.

External from soompi image

Netizens showed many delighted reactions: “Her face is fluorescent and bright”, “The way she looks as she places an order is like an elementary student”, “Smooth forehead, like a ray of light comes out of it”.

Goo Ha Ra is currently busy filming SBS drama “City Hunter“; she acts the role of a strong-willed and princess-like daughter of the President of Korea who shows interest in Lee Yoon Sang (Lee Min Ho) aka the City Hunter.

[Daily Sports: Kim Jin Suk]

Source: Daum Photo News